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The Venus Moon conjunction is LOVING in any sign, but in Cancer it’s the Fairy Godmother granting wishes! Moon is Home in Cancer, and Venus adds Love, beauty and a calling to make peace; especially with regard to family and friends. If you find yourself back on good terms with a loved one that you’ve had some issue with, (the 19th through the 22nd) ~ it’s not surprising. It’s a healing aspect on every level, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The lunar movement is quick, generally a 2 ½ day transit in any given sign. So it will travel into Leo, Virgo, and Libra accordingly. Though the Moon may be visiting different signs, the conjunction will continue until it’s out of ‘orb’ (the affecting position). And so until the end of May, many of us will find a much needed healing taking place. Perhaps you might even take the first step, if the relationship is worth it to you. But remember: never back track into a genuinely toxic (abusive) relationship. The healing taking place can sometimes be on a very personal level. Talk to God. Prayer opens portals of possibility! Blessings of Light! ~Leah


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Look for your own sun sign! Where are you in this picture?

July 1st starts with a beautiful shout-out moment in time, the much-talked-about Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Leo in the western sky… The last time the world witnessed this astronomical celestial event was literally at the time of Jesus Christ’s birth, and involved the very same planets in the very same sign of Leo (the king). For those who are waiting and watching, June 30th (about 9 PM) this spectacular celestial event will be visible to the naked eye and will appear as a massively bright star; Venus being perfectly aligned to Jupiter to within 1/3 of 1 degree. For those with high-tech optics ~telescope, or even good binoculars, the visual effects will be stunning, to say the least.

This event has great portent and far-reaching possibilities. To say this is an auspicious moment in time is an understatement… Jupiter/Venus in Leo is just the tipping point, for a Grand Trine in the fire signs heralds the benefic advent as well. The element of fire in the zodiac IS the fire of SPIRIT. ( Water, the emotional body, Earth the roots of our physical being and existence, and air; the intellect, as well as relationships to others.) The Grand Fire Trine occurring also involves the ripening (ingress) full Moon in Sagittarius, as well as Uranus in Aries.

For those that follow astrology closely, the Star of David is also being formed on the tenth house cusp, the zenith (midheaven-MC) of the chart, personal or national. This will occur in the water signs, with the sign of Scorpio on the MC/ trining the Sun Mars conjunction (complimented by ‘the part of fortune’) in sensitive and healing Cancer/ trine spiritual Neptune (home) in Pisces. The water signs represent the ‘collective, emotional psyche’ of humankind.

What does it all mean? When the planets converge in such array, it has implications for the whole of humanity. It’s not only personal, it has global ramifications. THIS celestial event, so rare, opens a portal, allowing for the flow of very high energy and the passage of the Light Beings we call angels, who are open fields of blessed consciousness, passing through the portal as they are beckoned, bringing only good will and service directed towards all. The patterns formed around the Earth right now IS a POWERFUL one. (~ Hark! The Herald Angels sing! -but they also ARRIVE) which really began on Dec 21, 2012, as many will remember. That paradigm shift, has only grown exponentially, compelling the acceleration (or the quickening) of spiritual development.

This planetary conjunction and companion grand Trine creates a window to the ethereal dimensions, where our world (normally locked in the entrapment of time) is given a chance to see with real CLARITY, the toxins in our lives. Whether it be inner turmoil, anger, resentment or any “unforgiven state”. This includes ‘toxic’ friends, relatives or other such people ~as well as harmful substances: alcohol, tobacco or any such thing ~ that is destroying or hindering your spiritual evolutionary progress. The negatives must go, even if the ties are deep, such as parent to child, this is a pristine moment for prayer and positive visualization. Time to set new trails ablaze, so throw yourself into the fire, the seat of the soul, within the heart.

Since we can only see things from our own individual standpoint, what is occurring on Earth can only be felt, or intuited. However, no one will be left unaffected, (though some may be less keenly aware than others).  We ARE all ‘in process’; stitching the story of our lives together in the grand scheme of things,
with our own unique silken thread, weaving our part into the perpetually expanding divine grand tapestry.
We all are on a Sacred journey designed of our own free will, writing our own story; every day lived ~ another page to added to the book of this lifetime. though this moment in time IS sacred,with the Jupiter/Venus conjunction (once called the Star of Bethlehem, leading the three Kings from the East, in their search for the Messiah.  Here is a tender spot, opened and emblazened in every human heart -a jumping-off point- through which the prosperity of the Universe may pour freely into your life by the simple act of acknowledgement and the power of BELIEF.

This may be seen as THE MOMENT for a collective outbreath, here as we are poised at the threshold of genuine change ~for the betterment of humanity. Naturally, the dualism of life is always at play, but our awareness of such evil unleashed as I S I S. However, evil has never been able to extinguish Good… LIGHT will always vanquish the darkness (of human consciousness). And so we may rest assured that the battle of terror has already lost.

The Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Leo, not only ruling the King, but also the HEART.
The Christ Consciousness (perhaps the second coming of Christ) is being birthed right now within the vessel of the human heart right now as we embark on a new era of human understanding.

Who is not in need of help? This is the time to step forward open-palmed, asking; for many hands (both spiritual and earthly) will reach out to assist you. There is no greater gift than the gift of the heart (the Christ Consciousness–the Holy Ghost ~ the LOVE ~ that lives within and beyond us binding us irrevocably, one to another.

NOW is the time to aspire to your highest calling! Remember, when you make one little step towards God, God makes 9 steps toward You. Embody your belief, affirm and enlist your highest, most compassionate intention and move forward. You only need a mustard seed of faith to see your efforts manifest now with a quickening Karma that will surprise you.

Remember always, you are not alone. You (We) are ONE brilliant spirit-Light shining in many lanterns, reaching upwards.

Jesus referred to our bodies as “temples”. We may be too close to the forest to see the tree (of Life) but our collective consciousness IS rising to new heights. It only takes one small person to change the world.

And YOU are that person!


June begins with the Moon in Sagittarius, ripening into full moon status on the second. Often Sagittarius is limited by it’s own perception of how things are and how they ‘ought to be.’ Since Sag is known to be out spoken, it often creates its own dilemmas by speaking before thinking things through. This full Moon, therefore, turns us inward, seeking balance. This is the need and the lesson for June.

We all crave balance. Some of us realize it, and some of us don’t. The ancient Oracle of Delphi speaks to this: “Nothing in excess.” ~” and “Know thyself.” Some demonstrate it vividly. Others choose to live their lives from their heart INSIDE out. Perhaps forgiveness is the greatest key to living a balanced life. But it IS truly a daily practice, since each day adds a new page to our lives.

Venus in Cancer is trine Saturn at 0 degrees of Sagittarius, a powerful aspect that indicates inner discipline is not only needed but accessible, as well. So, whatever you are attempting to achieve will have a most positive outcome. Instead of using your imagination to worry and fret, use it to visualize your goal accomplished. The June full Moon strengthens this powerful aspect, promising success to those who truly strive for the betterment of themselves.

Set your intention each day upon rising. Know that each day brings its own light joys (like butterflies) and challenges (like bricks) and all you must do, is choose wisely in a way that balances all parts of the whole. At the end of each day, lay the brick down in a perfect position thinking only of God. If you did your best, commend yourself. The spiral staircase you are working on is an endless process, so we are always growing upwards. This is the counsel of this June’s Sagittarius full moon. Listen carefully to what others are saying, as well as what they are not saying. Salvation is a daily achievement and it begins with you. Balance IS the key.


untitled HERMES

Mercury, as many know, recently went retrograde June 7 (until July 1st) 2014 and the usual advice is: Don’t sign contracts, try not to travel. Don’t marry. Don’t fix anything that’s not already broke…: ) Although it’s not unusual for things to break down at this time… Don’t start big new projects unless creative/artistic in nature. (But finishing them up if already stated is in your favor.) Don’t make major purchases. Cars, Homes, Computers. LISTEN hard and TALK slow. YES! ~ especially to the listen & talk part.

Mercury generally oscillates between two worlds, or rather, the two hemispheres of our brain. So during the retrograde period it feels like Mercury has gone down into the Underworld. In this realm closer to spirit we become more right-brain orientated. It is dark, so other senses are heightened. We will feel extra sensitive here, psychic even. Everything will seem hyper-real… you will notice things you had overlooked before. This will prompt you to re-evaluate, renovate, re-form, and re-invent. It’s true you might have to redo things, this is almost always true of retrograde Mercury, but it’s worth the effort to at least, stay calm and be clear. ~(DSA)

Hot spots are inevitable. Onset retrogrades and end stage retrogrades
are very iffy points where there is a higher likelihood of slip-ups, making absentminded mistakes due to preoccupation, and misreading another’s communications or others misreading yours… But once we are over these sticky thresholds and into this mercury-woven loop, we can safely go about our business knowing it is much less ‘windy seas’. The house in your birth chart that Mercury retrogrades in, will be your ‘underworld’ zone. It is here you will question everything. Before the retrograde, is a good time to finish off those Solar left-brain projects and gather information to bring down into your cave at its retrograde point. Then you can slow things down, let yourself be taken into other dimensions, try on different filters, experiment, shine a light on your demons, then recharge and reboot.

Mercury starts her retrograde motion in Cancer and backs up (so to speak) until until June 17th, then continues through Gemini until It’s stationary direct on July 1st (8:50 AM EST; on Propas, the star of Castors foot, which is supposed to be highly fortunate and give a life of eminence. William Herschel discovered Uranus (which rotates on its side, suggestive of it’s rebellious nature) close to this star, so this is retrograde of discovery! This is a wild, untamable, free-spirited area of the cardinal sign, Cancer. We find activists here and the brave and fearless. Sometimes they are barking-mad too…When Mercury turns retrograde of course, things do seem a little barmy, and logical thinking can be thrown off altogether, our rationale seemingly gone loopy… I think since Venus is so strong right now though, perhaps we can allow her to take over and let crazy artistic temperament reign supreme. This can be a nice somewhat benign retrograde in this watery sign with plenty of scope for artistic inspiration and flirting with ideas, if directed consciously !. ~ (DSA)

To sum it up, Mercury Retro in Cancer from June7 to June 17 suggests that people are feeling a little raw and perhaps a little over-sensitive, therefore, feelings can be easily hurt during this time frame. Keeping in mind that most hurt feelings are a result of miscommunication (And sometimes genuine insensitivity IS to blame) using a little conscientiousness is highly recommended!! Mercury’s a little easier going when he moves into tropical Gemini, its rulership, from June 18th to July 1st… making smoother the hilly roads we’ve been emotionally navigating while in Cancer. Gemimi rules communication; and those thoughts rolling around in your head that you articulate into words. The rest is approach. So choose your words carefully, and speak them with a tone that is non-offensive. My mother used to say; “If you can’t say something kind, say nothing at all.” Wise words from a wise woman. In summation, during this 3 week period, be extra gentle with your words, keep your own emotions in check, and always of course, be kind.


December 2013 starts with a ‘shout-out’ new Moon in jubilant Sagittarius (Monday, Dec 2) opening wide the doors of opportunity. Sagittarius is enthusiastic, buoyant and outspoken (sometimes too much so)! There is a sense of ‘no-holds barred,’ and under its influence, you’ll find yourself (and others) speaking their mind. Sagittarius, sign of the centurion, pulls back the bow and accurately aims the arrow; holding nothing back. The archer, this sign’s symbol, strives for freedom, and speaks its mind without reservation. It surely epitomizes freedom and independence, shining its Light on the golden chalice of the heart, HOPE. And surely HOPE must be the most powerful element of human existence.

Bearing in mind that December is the singular holiday month of giving, we would be wise to use discipline as we meander the malls and shopping centers, for the tendency of Sag is to expand and go big; widening our circles and broadening our boundaries. In a spiritual sense, this is wonderful and promising. However, on the materialistic plane, guard those purse-strings and be mindful, as the urge to spend far more than one should, is a clear and present ‘danger’… Though our love is boundless, our bank accounts (for the majority of us) are not…

Herein, lies is the challenge of new Moon in Sagittarius opening this month of December 2013. If you find your loved one cautioning you about overspending, try not to be cynical; rather then, gratefully incorporate their words into your heart and on to your Christmas list.
Here are some new Moon in Sagittarius tendencies (materially and spiritually) to be mindful of:
• Thinking big
• Seeing the whole but not the parts
• Speaking your mind (sometimes to quickly)
• Envisioning and exploring new terrain
• Protecting and fighting for your freedom
• Casting the first stone
• Generosity of spirit
• Open mindedness
• Fearlessness

Astrology is a marvelous navigational tool for assessing trends and inclinations. Its use goes back 3000 years, so it is fair to say that is firmly established (even in the minds of those who are skeptical or confirmed non-believers). Even THEY open the morning paper and read their signs’ daily astrological advisory. This is because we carry the knowledge of our starry heritage, in our soul memories, from the akashric record, from which all things that have ever been and or will ever be, is recorded.
We ARE all inter-connected in a very real and personal way — such is reflected in the midnight sky, star to star; the patterns that form the seemingly unmoving constellations. Hard to imagine that EVERY thing IS in perpetual motion. Everything is in process, from the smallest particle to the most colossal star, we feel connected to the universe in a very personal way; we are formed of the same elements as the stars, and we now know that this universe is holographic, that what we are seeing and living is a projection of what is inside us! It is a mutually co-operative relationship. We are seeking and creating it in the same way that IT is seeking and creating us!

This is a powerful notion, for it opens the understanding that free will and destiny are synced and linked. They are are a symbiotically unfolding revelation, that each one of us comes to understand at some point in our own evolutionary process. We are the co-creators of the Universe, projecting its image with the gift and ‘tool’ of our lives, embodied with the God ‘spark’ and Spirit underlying and ‘bodying’ us forth.

The winter solstice approaches with her own fierce and fabulous star patterns revealing universal Spirit -the ultimate source- expressing itself through us, in each our own unique and essential way. Bearing this in mind, we return to the closer systemic tools of our own little solar system. The enthusiastic Sagittarian new Moon. Not alone, she in a dance with the closer planets in our solar system. Venus in Capricorn is trine Mars in Virgo, an odd pairing, to be sure, for both planets. Mars, the driven masculine always-in-a-hurry planet finds itself in slow, methodical calculating Virgo. Venus, with her feminine, receptive and warm energy finds herself in Capricorn, masculine and boundary-ridden. Neither Venus nor Mars are particularly ‘comfortable’ in these signs, but we are saved by the aspect they are forming. Trines create heaven-sent energy flows. They open the channels of communication and hands-on work.

All in all, we have a very dynamic month unfolding. With regard to relationships, whatever the nature, (significant other, parent to child (or adult offspring ~ even close friends) may seem, at times somewhat antagonistic or curiously indifferent. Since the stars graciously give us a heads-up, we are fortunately given the upper hand. With dynamic (or challenging) situations call for strategies of peace or restorative healing, we may have the advantage. Where you can make your presence an effective tool, BE the peace-maker. It IS in your power. Understanding that not everything is understandable, or needs to be, simply and lovingly, be the ‘eye’ in the storm. Be the strong, calm and still center. Your composure and inner peace will shine the WAY for those around you and may be the platform for others to regain their own balance. The day of Christmas is upon us; and even in the midst of chaos, we know the ultimate purpose of all things manifest, which is LOVE. Jesus the Christ, who lived amongst us for the sole purpose of showing us the way to our enlightenment, our own Christ-consciousness, becomes our torch lifted high. Grace is ours through our Christ consciousness, an expressed truth that compassion is the nature of healing, and we are here to heal one another. We can’t control the actions of others, but we can control our responses to them.

In the words of a song by Alternative routes, “We are Love. We are One. We are how we treat each other when the day is done.”


The Astrological and Mystical Emblems of the Last Supper
The da Vince Perspective

A Article

The Last Supper, as portrayed by Leonardo da Vince, specifically describes the reaction given by each apostle when Jesus states that one of them would betray him. All twelve apostles have different reactions to the news, with various degrees of anger and shock. The painting contains several references to the number three, which represents the Christian belief in the Holy Trinity. The Apostles are seated in groupings of three; there are three windows behind Jesus; and the shape of Jesus’ figure resembles a triangle. There may have been other references that have since been lost as the painting deteriorated. The Last Supper has also been the target of much speculation by writers and historical revisionists alike, usually centered around supposed purported hidden messages or hints found within the painting.

In his analysis, Da Vince invites us to examine the disciples and their position, from the right to the left.
Right, at the head of the table is St. Simon, who represents the sign of Aries, the zodiac sign of fire and action. Simon’s hands indicate the direction to take. Aries astrologically governs the anatomy of the head and Simon’s forehead is well highlighted in the painting. Its readiness is also shown by the creative Aryan[1] hands, to act according to the will and courage of the Aryans.

On the left is St. Jude, representing Taurus. His countenance is angry while listening to Simon as if slowly digesting his impressions. His hands are in the posture of one who receives something, characterizing the possessiveness of Taurus, which is the sign that accumulates. In the human body, Taurus rules the neck and throat, and that of Jude is well highlighted.

St. Matthew comes next, as the representative of Gemini, the Twins, the double sign which governs the interaction with people and ability to gather information. Matthew has the willing hands and face on opposite sides of each other, revealing the Gemini habit of talking and listening at the same time. Matthew was a scribe and the historian of the life of Jesus: he wrote one of four books accepted as genuine by the Catholic Church. Gemini rules the 3rd House of the Zodiac, the House of communication and knowledge.

Last-Supper-PhillipTo the left is St. Philip, representing the sign of Cancer. His hands are towards the chest showing the Cancerian tendency to accommodate, protect and take care of things. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer works with feelings. Philip is angled forward, portrayed as if offering himself to perform some type of task.

At his side is St. James the Lesser, the Leonine, arms open, revealing with sweeping gesture the power to radiate love. Leo governs the heart and the heart chakra. The expansive gesture shows his confident nature and the centering attention.

Behind him, almost hidden, it is St. Thomas, representing Virgo, the famous “seeing is believing” disciple. Thomas does not fail to express the critical and inquisitive side of Virgo: with raised finger he disputes before Christ.

To the left of Jesus, Libra is symbolized by Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ supposed wife. With hands clasped, she weighs and considers all opinions before taking positions. Libra rules the 7th House, which is the sector of marriage and partnerships. There is conjecture that this figure was left as evidence that the Templars supposedly had knowledge about the marriage of Jesus and the destination of his descendants. Others state that this is not Mary Magdalene, but Saint John, the apostle referred to as the one which Jesus loved.

Beside him is Judas Iscariot, Jesus’ bodyguard, representing Scorpio. With one hand he holds a bag of money and with the other hand he knocks on the table in protest. Scorpio rules the 8th House, which deals with goods, death, money, debts and the property ??of others.

Next is Peter, the Fisherman of Souls, representing the joyful Sagittarius. It was he who created the original dogma and church law. Sagittarius rules the 9th House: industry, law, religions and philosophy. His finger points to Jesus as the goal of Sagittarius is spiritual. He also stands between Mary and Judas, bringing clarification and light to the discussion. Sagittarius is the “uplifting” sign of the zodiac.

At his side is St. Andrew, the Capricorn. The most responsible sign of the zodiac, he imposes limits with his restrictive gestures. His thin face and protuberant bones reveal the Capricorn bio-type. His hair and beard are white and his face shows the serious relationship that Capricorn obtains with time and wisdom.

Beside St Andrew, we find St. James Major, the Aquarian, who addresses the other apostle with one of his hands on the shoulder of James in a friendly gesture, while the other extends to the yet another. He sees all, encompassing the discipleship led by Jesus. Aquarius rules the 11th House, which encompasses the industry groups, friends, social communications and hope.

Finally, sitting on the left, we have St. Bartholomew, the traveler, representing Pisces. His feet, which are governed by Pisces astrological anatomy, are in focus. He seems absorbed by what happens at the table and, leaning on his hands, makes a devotional statement that reveals the climate of this meeting.

The Mayan culture, responsible for the ‘world-wide watch’ for ‘the Shift’ of 2012, starts with the June 5th- Venus transit of the Sun (and continues to the culmination point of Dec.21, 2012) when the Solstice Sun will synchronize with and rise in exact unison with the Galactic Center. Venus had the Mayans by the coconuts, so-to-speak, and this periodic transit was predicted all the way into this year by their amazingly accurate astronomical calendars (which appears to end on the date of Dec 21, 2012). Since the transit of Venus across the Sun is an event that occurs in pairs, around 8 yrs apart, the last two was 1761/1769 and 1874/1882. The present age cycle was/is June 8 2004 and June 5th 2012. Because of this pairing of Venus transits, the Mayans believed it (Venus) to be representative of the birth-death-rebirth cycle. For a concise and enlightening read; look for “The Mayan Prophesies of 2012” by Gerald Benedict.